The Diary of Al:

j>ferg: reformat2.0 / reload HAHAHAHAHAAA...*sigh*
r>pAp: mr.clean mode >WATCH OUT!
k>tam: pixel-manipulator / PRO-grammer... (ya, right!) lol
(mad props anyways)
wayne: umm... absent...
wes: pcd out...

J and myself triumphantly returned from a mildly amusing adventure to sev and back. The streets were littered with greasy whores. The air was warm and thick with a predominant smell of feces. What a dirty city we live in. Stupid ass-masked drivers need sedatives. FUCK! i hate them! Fuckin wes and his DP.... Hey bud, that's why they make condoms, to prevent against Diseased Penis... Somewhere, outside, there are tricks and evil... Beware the water.

j>ferg: great new flavors, try 'em all!
k>tam : check yo shit in, bitch!
r>pAp : complete free-flow

...dyin' of boredom / i'll try it all....****n / ***** / bound by a voice...
...burn god down / hands start to stir again
f****n' heretic / i've opened this up for me... ...i'm outta time / so i'll let you rest tonight
i'll rely on me / you'll still be FINE!!!!!!
(props to C. M.)